Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tobacco control will make you fat before they kill you

An interesting but not unsurprising chart. Pretty much every smoker in the world knows that if you quit smoking you start to get chubby and generally non-smokers tend to be a lot more chubby compared to smokers. And that's not forgetting that smokers have marginally lower blood pressure than our non-smoking friends and becoming a quitter increases your risk of high blood pressure independent of weight gain, see below.

Given that we are told that tobacco kills 6 million people world wide and that obesity and high blood pressure kills 6 million people world wide (source VGIF) . It would seem that the merchants of death in the tobacco control industry are giving the merchants of death in the tobacco industry a run for their money.

The difference being that the merchants of death in the tobacco control industry want to make you fat and ugly before they kill you and you don't get to spend a life time enjoying smoking.

It will be interesting to see if e-cig users have increased risk of weight gain and high blood pressure, time will tell. In the mean time  I am sticking to lovely cigarettes.

Source BMJ (Published 28 June 2011)


  1. "and generally non-smokers tend to be a lot more chubby compared to smokers. "

    Sorry but you write bullshit.

    1. Hi Anon,
      If I write bullshit then so does the BMJ. Here, from VGIF

      "A study published in this week's British Medical Journal shows that nonsmokers are twice as likely to be obese—and three times as likely to be severely obese—than smokers. "

      Read more here on VGIF.

    2. 1. This is a link to an other pro smoking troll blog.....
      2. The study is was made in the 1970ies and has nothing to do with the actuall situation. A new study says that the difference between smokers an non smokers is just a few kilos an not significant.

    3. Quit Smoking, Help Heart: Even if You Gain Weight:

    4. Hi Anon,
      Sorry about that, I should have linked to the BMJ post about non-smokers being more at risk of being obese directly.

      I have added a chart from that BMJ study, which was published in 2011, and it shows that being a non-smoker was a massive risk factor for becoming very chubby even in the seventies. But I would guess that non-smokers were just as chubby in the seventies as they are now it's just that today there are many less slim smokers, hence the rise in obesity as the chart at the top of my blog post shows.

      Whether quitting smoking increases/decreases risk of heart disease or not is not relevant to whether the BMJ study is bullshit or not!
      Which was your original objection!

  2. But my study also says that there is no difference in weight gain between long term quitters and smokers: