Friday, 30 March 2012

What ever happened to the cigarette caused lung cancer epidemic in Mexico?

All numbers for the year 2000


It is astonishing to think that even if the entire population of Scotland gave up smoking tomorrow the chances are that their lung cancer death count would still be about the same as Mexico.
That the number of deaths of lung cancer for Mexican men aged 70-74 is only hundreds more than in Scotland is also astonishing. One might think that Mexicans have some genetic advantage but clearly this did not help the Spanish.


  1. not clear what is being measured in bottom two graphs

  2. Interesting study! I think the difference between Mexico and Scotland is mainly a matter of healthcare. I'm sure Mexico is a much more poor country that does not offer the best in medical treatment. Sad situation!

  3. Jen,
    I take your point, Mexico does spend below the OECD average per capita but not much less than Ireland a country that very much has had a lung cancer epidemic just like Scotland. Spain does not spend that much more than Mexico either and also had a massive lung cancer epidemic.

  4. I've used your graph here

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