Friday, 27 May 2011

Peak oil phosphate lung cancer


The known chemical carcinogens in cigarette smoke can not explain ~96% of lung cancer in smokers.

"However, for conventional cigarettes (i.e., R, Lt, and ULt cigarettes), as they are smoked by populations such as the United States and Canada, the lung carcinogen results obtained here indicate that, currently, it is only possible to account for ≤4% of the observed per pack-year risk for lung cancer." 2007

"the majority of the PO-210 in tobacco plants likely comes from high-phosphate fertilizers applied to the tobacco crop. ... PO-210 has been estimated to be responsible for 1% of all US lung cancers."2008

So that only leaves 95% of lung cancer caused by smoking cigarettes unexplained by smoking cigarettes.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Sweden VS US

Swedish cigarettes would seem to cause lung cancer in the year of purchase.

US cigarettes would seem to cause lung cancer ~20 years after year of purchase.
The point here is that the lung cancer epidemic in Sweden started at the same time as the US epidemic despite the fact that Sweden was ~20 years late in taking up smoking cigarettes compared to the US. As far as can be worked out, all cancer mortality in many countries is stable up until ~1950, unlike cigarette consumption, which would imply that the rise in cancers post WWII is independent of cigarette consumpton.